Biography - Lorrae Jaderberg

Lorrae Jaderberg

Cert. Ed., Cert. Spld

I began my teaching career in the late 1970’s as a class teacher in Leeds and then at The International School in Stockholm, Sweden. After having a family, I continued my teaching career as a class teacher in Barnet, north London. My career developed from class teacher to Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Inclusions Manager and Deputy Headteacher.

Before setting up my consultancy, I spent seven years in senior management with responsibilities for pupils with special educational needs, behaviour management, pupil achievement, gifted and talented pupils and Year 6 secondary transfer, whilst continuing to create and publish educational programmes for schools.

In 2002, I pioneered a homework programme called 'Challenge at Home', which is published and used in British primary schools today.

In 2005, I co-authored two social skills programmes, 'Social Skills for Primary Pupils 1 and 2', published by LDA and available to teachers and other educational professionals through their catalogue and website. These programmes are running in schools throughout the UK and abroad.

Utilising my teaching expertise and experience in creating resources, I wrote a regular advisory column in 'Special Children' magazine called, 'Resources Round-Up', which provided advice and opinion regarding newly published resources for teachers and schools.

I have worked extensively with children and their families: teaching, advising, liaising and supporting positive development and change. Whilst working with gifted and talented children, I developed whole school programmes for high achieving pupils. I also supported parents understanding of their children's abilities and potential, and helped them in their search for appropriate secondary schools.

Whilst Deputy Headteacher, I provided liaison between primary pupils, staff and Heads of Year 7 from a range of local secondary schools. I also co-ordinated visits and supported pupils during Year 6-7 transition. Additionally, I created and supervised work experience programmes for Year 12 and 13 pupils from local state selective secondary schools, in her primary school.

As assessment coordinator, I trained staff, created and developed whole school assessment programmes, pupil tracking systems and data interpretation. These were used in the planning and implementation of whole school achievement and intervention programmes.

For over twenty years, my professional focus has been to develop my educational knowledge and skills, to teach children and make a positive contribution and difference in their lives.

My educational consultancy was set up to fulfil my vision and belief that every child should be given opportunity and encouragement to achieve to the best of their ability and potential.

Following many successful years of working together, Katie and I created Jaderberg Krais Educational Consultancy, which continues to support parents and children in the north London area and beyond.

I live in London, am married and have four children.