Biography - Professor Brian Butterworth

Professor Brian Butterworth

Brian Butterworth is Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuropsychology at University College London, Professorial Fellow at Melbourne University, Australia, and Honorary Professor at Dalian University of Technology, China.


He has taught at Cambridge and UCL, and has held visiting appointments at the universities of Melbourne, Padua and Trieste, MIT and the Max Planck Institute at Nijmegen. He was elected Fellow of the British Psychological Society in 1993 and Fellow of the British Academy in 2002. His Dyscalculia Screener won the British Education and Training with Technology software award in 2004.


His best-selling book, The Mathematical Brain (1999), has been translated into many languages, including Italian, Japanese, and Chinese. With Dorian Yeo, he wrote Dyscalculia Guidance (2004) to help the teachers of dyscalculic learners; it was translated into Swedish (2010) as Dyskalkyli: Att hjälpa elever med specifika matematiksvårigheter. He has contributed to the government report on Mental Capital and Wellbeing  (2008) and to the Royal Society report on the potential impact of neuroscience on education and lifelong learning (2011).


He is a regular contributor to radio and TV science programmes. He has collaborated with the legendary designer Storm Thorgerson on an installation for the Millennium Dome (2000), and with film director, Alex Gabbay, on two documentaries, Just Trial and Error (2010) and …Sorry, wrong number (2011).


He is currently working with colleagues around the world on the neuropsychology and the genetics of mathematical abilities, and is desperately trying to get governments and educational authorities to recognise dyscalculia, a serious handicap for its many sufferers.