Biography - Caroline Grimshaw

Caroline Grimshaw

BA (Hons)

I am a creative director, designer and author. My client experience encompasses a huge variety of organisations, products and media including: The Department of Health (specialising in teenage campaigns); Emap (art directing Smash Hits and More! Magazine); Procter and Gamble (producing teenage gift collections); Scholastic (creating a children’s general interest magazine for their book club and activity sheets to support teaching English in various territories); Two-Can/World Books US (writing and designing three non-fiction interactive children’s book series: Connections; Invisible Journeys and Follow Me); GE Fabbri (developing partwork concepts for children).  I have almost 30 years experience in working with children and developing material that stimulates and engages them.
I believe that learning is the greatest adventure of a lifetime and a journey that lasts a lifetime!