Educational Assessments (7-11yrs)


 We provide an educational assessment service  through our sister company, JK Assessments.

The 11+ Assessment (7-11yrs)


All parents want their children to be happy and to thrive at school. But they also want to know how bright their child is and whether they are reaching their full potential?

With this vital information, parents are able to make informed decisions about their children’s future such as, which secondary school will be right for their child and will they need a tutor, or are they achieving to their potential?

We have produced a bespoke assessment service to provide reassurance for parents. By assessing children’s maths and English, parents learn more about their child’s abilities, national curiculum levels and standardised scores in these subjects. We can tell you what they really mean. Level 3a for a child in Year 3 means something completely different, from a child achieving Level 3a at the end of Year 6. Children's results should be compared against the national average and against the levels reuired to achieve an 11+ selective secondary school place.


At JK Assessments we provide the 11+ Assessment to help parents understand their children's abilities and potential. 


To find out more, click on this link which will take you to the JK Assessment website.