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running time 15mins 11secs

Help Your Child Learn Multiplication Tables

This webinar will help you develop a structured programme to teach your child how to learn multiplication tables.



Lorrae Jaderberg



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running time 10mins 19secs

Preparing for a Formal School Meeting

Deborah Cohen

This webinar will help you prepare for a formal meeting with your child's school, to ensure you get the most out of working together so that your child reaches their potential.



running time 7mins 52secs

Is Your Child Reaching Their Potential?

Katie Krais

This webinar will help you to understand your child's ability levels in order to judge if they are reaching their full potential.




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ADHD: You Are Not Alone

Presented by Angel Crouch

How to live with ADHD, a controversial subject explored and discussed with advice given by our ADHD Specialist Advisor. 


How To Help Your Child Deal With Bullying

Presented by Kate Winspear

Bullying is a highly emotive issue for both parents and children. This webinar is intended as a guide to help you help your child deal with bullying. 


Preparing For The 11+ Exam

Presented by Lorrae Jaderberg

This webinar fully explains the 11+ exam.


Introducing Educating Together's Maths Resources

Presented by Cara Christie

This webinar describes the maths resources available at Educating Together and how to use them effectively.


The Writing Cube

Presented by Kelly Child

This webinar (which is for members only) describes Educating Together's exclusive writing tool, The Writing Cube, which helps children improve their writing skills.